Drink For Renewable Energy

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Worldwide, 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity, and an additional one-billion are without reliable access to electricity. Energy poverty plagues vulnerable communities, leaving them in darkness with poor health conditions, inadequate schooling, and minimal economic mobility. Determined to protect the environment and empower underserved communities with access to stable electricity, Twende Solar was established as a call-to-action to combat our global energy crisis. Twende, meaning “let’s go,” in Swahili, is indicative of the organization's proactive mentality and commitment to sustainable development worldwide. 

Striving to increase access to electricity for rural, off-grid communities, Twende partners with schools, medical clinics and other community oriented organizations to integrate solar PV systems. In 2016, Twende will install a combined 32.6kW of solar on schools in Cambodia and Guatemala, while continuing to pursue sustainable energy projects around the world. Let’s go solar, together!

Drink For Good will donate 5% of all profits from the sale of the Drink For Reusable Energy bottle to Twende Solar.

  • 32oz. and made of 100% recycled aluminum 
  • Made in the United States (Yakima, WA with Union labor)
  • Dimensions are aprox. 10" tall by 3" wide