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Goodbye Plastic, Hello Sustainable Future

Posted by Shelby

Reports and findings persist of a large mass of floating debris in the Pacific Ocean that consists primarily of disposable plastic containers. It is a disturbing image, but one that is consistent with the nearly global adoption of disposable plastic containers.  The history of plastics is not lengthy among humans, but estimates for plastic bottles to degrade in landfills run from four hundred to seven hundred years. In this context the phrase ‘disposable plastic bottles’ seems to be an oxymoron, they are not disposable in any sense of the human lifespan, let alone within an efficient business cycle. Disposable plastic bottles are not a sustainable method for distribution of drinking water.

Bad for the Earth and Earthlings

In addition to overburdened landfills, the chemical compounds in standard plastics can leach into their fluid contents, causing potential health risks. BPA and lead compounds in plastics pose a threat to human health. Determined by the US, Canada and European Union to pose a significant threat to health, they banned BPAs in products intended for infants and children. Reusable BPA free water bottles provide answers to these difficult issues. Liberty Bottleworks makes our bottles from 100% BPA-free recycled aluminum. When disposed properly, these materials can be further recycled for continued use.  

Pain without Gain

Disposable Water bottle buyers pay a lot of money for the product based upon claims of superior quality and/or taste. Research from many sources confirms that there is no measurable advantage in bottled water over tap water in the vast majority of U.S. locations. For some, taste matters a great deal and for these consumers, filtered tap water could be an excellent alternative to disposable water bottles. Filtered tap water in refillable containers provides health and aesthetic benefits of an additional level of purification.  Many water filtration systems offer blind taste test results to bolster their claims of ‘equal to’ taste and texture.

Costs and Benefits

As a society, we can save a lot of money and achieve better health by switching to reusable water bottles.  People who purchase bottled water do so for health benefits, to get pure water and avoid harmful additives. However, bottled water containers do transfer harmful chemicals and damage the environment by adding in-disposable volume to landfills and mountains of trash in localities across the globe.

The switch to reusable water bottles will save money for governments and individuals and reduce a significant threat to health from harmful chemicals.

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